Personal Coaching For Women Empowerment

Women's Empowerment Training
Training program for Women Empowerment by Dr Lissy Shajahan

What is women’s empowerment?

Financial empowerment is one of the main factor leading to the empowerment of women. In this day and age when technology opens so many platforms accessible to women, there is no dearth of opportunity. The question is are you fit and empowered to reach out for the new job market. Let it be a job, self-employment or business, Dr Lissy Shajahan (Psychologist, mind Power Trainer, Life coach) has trained and conditioned many women to orient themselves and unshackle their limiting beliefs to gain financial freedom and a acquire unique status in the family. The freedom to earn gives women a unique power and higher position in society. To achieve financial freedom she must have an earning capacity of her own.

Have you ever had the following in mind?

1. After marriage did you decide to stay at home mother or wife?
2. Do you dream of a career with a high paying salary?
3. Do you dream of owning your own business?
4. Not satisfied with your current job profile?
5. Do you want a higher position in your current job with a salary enhancement?

If you have had these questions even once in your mind, then Dr Lissy Shajahan, the best lady psychologist in Kerala, is with you to give wings for your dreams.

What is in the training session for you?

In the women’s empowerment training session you will receive deep insights on different topics related to your problems and situations. You will also find answers to your queries and personalized solutions that will give you long-lasting results for a bright future. You will receive: 

• Suggestions to choose the best career for you
• Personal counselling
• Mental power or mind power two face personal challenges however large it may be
• Expert opinion on new startup business suitable for women
• Training for excellence in job
• Training for excelling in the field of Arts and sports
• Solutions and counselling for emotional, physical and mental traumas
• Maintaining a healthy relationship and friendship at the workplace for introvert personalities.

Whatever be your age whatever be your dreams Dr Lissy Shajahan will help you reach even higher levels of success. Maybe right now due to lack of confidence, you may be wondering –

  • What job will I get in this age?
  • How will I deliver a public speech to an audience?
  • How will I talk and express my opinions to a senior officer?
  • How will I perform with confidence in interviews?
  • How can I be more productive in my office hours?

You can be a hundred per cent sure to get answers for all these questions and much more. So be ready to chisel and shape your new future by reprogramming your mind in Dr Lissy Shajahan’s Women Empowerment Training for Women.

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Women's Empowerment Training
Mind Power Training for Women by Dr Lissy Shajahan, Psychologist, Mind Power Trainer and Life Coach

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