Study Smart using SQ3R – Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review

Do you want to score like a superman in your academics? Do you want to crack every competitive exam? Then you gotta love this study technique. This awesome and result-guaranteed study technique is called – SQ3R?

In this article, I am going to show you how to use the Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review technique to make an impact for a lifetime! Winning in exams is just a bye product applying this technique.

The Malayalam video accompanying this article explains all about SQ3R in Malayalam.

Here we go:

SURVEY: Observe a few things in the chapter that we wish to learn. Like for example, read the heading of the chapter. Turn the pages and see the letters written in bold. Look for any pictures on those pages. Read all that text you have underlined or highlighted while your teacher taught this chapter. Skim through the whole chapter to “survey” the highlights of the chapter.

QUESTION: Towards the end of the chapter there may be questions to be answered.

Read carefully all the questions. This is very important as the questions precisely tell you what comes inside the chapter when you start reading it. So while studying the chapter these questions will guide you to find the answers inside the textbook. And now the 3Rs – Read, Recite, Review:

READ: This is where you read the chapter very carefully and mindfully. Think about the important questions from different portions of the chapter. Make the reading more active by jotting down the key points of each portion. First, we start by writing the chapter title, then major headings in this chapter. Put each heading inside a box and later compile the key points under each heading inside this box.
If there are subtitles then make sub-boxes within a box. If there is an important point to remember, then put that also within a box nested inside the main box.
This way we can make a flow-chart of the whole chapter. Once you finish the chapter you can see that all the crucial points to be remembered would be enlisted in this chart that we have made.
You can use the above flow-chart (text within boxes) model or a mind map model. Text within circles where circles are connected to each other with a relation.

RECITE: All that you have learned until now has to be recited out loud. Recite as if you are teaching this chapter to someone. Recitation fosters more learning and helps speedy memorization. It is said that if you want to remember something well, you need to teach exactly that. The best way of learning is teaching.
So, close your book and take the notes you have written in the form of mindmap or flow chart. Imagine that you have now an audience in front of you who wants to learn from you. Now, using your own words explain what you have just learned. Since we use our own words and sentences, there is a high chance that all the keypoints goes into your long-term memory.
Reciting or teaching aloud will help us in secondary hearing – you hear yourself in the process. This, in turn, helps to register the points fast and efficiently.

REVIEW: After the survey, question, read and recite, close the mindmap notes and close your eyes. Sit comfortably and re-play in your mind all that you have learned till now. This is the re-vision of all the key points in your mind. This is also a kind of revision. Take 2-3 minutes for this exercise.
Now you can move on to the next chapter. When you take the portion again for 1st revision, read the mindmap notes. I hope you liked this video topic and a detailed explanation of the SQ3R method of learning.

Thank you for reading till the end of the article. If you have come this far, then it means you like learning and studying by your self. And you are equipped with one of the best self-learning methods in the world.