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Dr. Lissy Shajahan is a professional psychologist, life coach, and a celebrity coach who is passionate about encouraging people to reach their full potential and live more satisfying lives through transformative coaching and mindfulness practices.

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High Performance one to one Life Coaching with Dr. Lissy Shajahan. The sessions are designed to drive career Development, relationship problems, Personal growth, Stress management and flexibility, and have an overall positive impact on one’s mental health.

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Dr. Lissy Shajahan’s guidance is tailored to each individual’s unique needs
and circumstances, and her strategies are designed to be practical and effective.


Through Dr. Lissy Shajahan’s life coaching programs, individuals can discover their true potential, and create a life filled with meaning and satisfaction. Dr. Lissy’s guidance is tailored to each individual’s unique needs and circumstances.

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Dr. Lissy Shajahan’s training sessions are a meticulously crafted collection of experiences designed to bring about positive change and equip individuals with the skills and mindset they need to reach their goals, foster personal growth, and flourish in all areas of their lives.

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When it comes to seeking guidance for one’s emotional and mental well-being, finding a safe and compassionate space is paramount. Dr. Lissy Shajahan offers just that, providing individuals with the support and strategies they need to navigate life’s challenges and cultivate inner peace and resilience

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premium Train the Trainer program

Life Coaching Mastery

Welcome to Life Coaching Mastery, the premier mastermind and coaching program designed to guide you towards becoming an unparalleled expert in the field of life coaching. 

Coaching Techniques & Methodologies:

Life coaching Mastry provides in-depth education on various coaching techniques, strategies, and methodologies.

Psychological & Emotional Understanding:

Life coaching Mastry emphasizes a foundational understanding of human psychology, behavior, emotions, and motivation.

To Learn More about Life Coach Certification in India Course, visit School Of Lifeskills Founded by Dr. Lissy Shajahan.

“Under her expert coaching, I was able to fine-tune my personal style, improve my public speaking skills, and gain the confidence to take center stage in the tech world.”
Isha Farah qureshi
CEO of IFQ Technologies
personal branding book
she preneur book
life skills book
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The Transformative Trios by Dr. Lissy- ‘Life Skills,’ ‘Personal Branding,’ & ‘Shepreneur’

Dr. Lissy Shajahan, a prolific author, has penned three highly influential books that offer practical guidance for personal and professional development. “Life Skills” provides a comprehensive roadmap for mastering essential life abilities. “Personal Branding” empowers individuals to create a distinctive and influential identity. Finally, “Shepreneur” is a source of inspiration and strategies for aspiring female entrepreneurs. Each book provides valuable insights and actionable advice for those seeking to enhance their personal and professional growth.

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See what clients are saying about their life-changing journeys with Dr. Lissy Shajahan,
as they share their stories of transformation and personal growth

“Dr. Lissy Shajahan, my Mentor and Coach, played a pivotal role in my life’s success. Her Grooming Program, under her expert guidance, cultivated my self-confidence, style, and self-presentation, significantly impacting both my personal and professional life. Now, I radiate confidence and professionalism, all thanks to this remarkable program.”
Dr.Archana Mohan
Physician & Yoga consultant
“Under her expert coaching, I was able to fine-tune my personal style, improve my public speaking skills, and gain the confidence to take center stage in the tech world. Her unique approach, which seamlessly combines grooming and celebrity coaching, is simply remarkable.Thanks to Dr. Shajahan’s exceptional coaching, my journey reached new heights.”
Isha Farah qureshi
CEO of IFQ Technologies,
Mrs. Universe 2019
“I had the privilege of participating in Dr. Lissy Shajahan’s celebrity coaching program, and it was a life-changing experience. Her guidance on managing fame, stress, and maintaining a work-life balance was invaluable. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Lissy, whether they are artists, celebrities, or individuals seeking personal development. I feel more empowered to navigate life’s complexities.”
Dinesh panicker
Actor, Producer
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