A unique Wellness Coaching Program

A Complete Transformational Journey That can change your life forever in 21 days

From topics such as How to Build Self Confidence to lesser covered topics like The Wheel of Life, this course has the most comprehensive curriculum ever designed to help transform your life forever.

A women sitting on her lap, meditating, in a complete state of trance.
Why This Course?

This Course is Perfect for you if you always keep asking yourself questions like

“How to increase self confidence”,

“How do I improve Self Esteem”,

“How to increase Self Worth”,

or even

“How to Handle relationships smoothly”

A One of A Kind course designed by professional life coach dr. Lissy shajahan.

What exactly is Transcendence?

The Word TRANSCENDENCE Comes from Latin Prefix Trans – , meaning “Beyond” and the word scandare, meaning “to climb”. When you achieve transcendence you have gone beyond ordinary limitations and that is exactly the state that I aim to help reach anyone who takes up this course.

What Our Clients Say about Us

Thousands of Lives were transformed under the guidance of Professional Life Coach and Psychologist Dr. Lissy Shajahan

Take A Look at Our Testimonials To See What Our Students Has to Say About Us.

Isha Farah Qureshi

CEO of IFQ Technologies, Mr.s Universe 2019
“Under her expert coaching, I was able to fine-tune my personal style, improve my public speaking skills, and gain the confidence to take center stage in the tech world. Her unique approach, which seamlessly combines grooming and celebrity coaching, is simply remarkable.Thanks to Dr. Shajahan’s exceptional coaching, my journey reached new heights.”

Dr. Archana Mohan

Physician & Yoga Consultant
“Dr. Lissy Shajahan, my Mentor and Coach, played a pivotal role in my life’s success. Her Grooming Program, under her expert guidance, cultivated my self-confidence, style, and self-presentation, significantly impacting both my personal and professional life. Now, I radiate confidence and professionalism, all thanks to this remarkable program.”

Let’s Count The Benefits of Joining This program.

  • 21 Days Guidance Class Under The World Famous Celebrity Life Coach Dr. Lissy Shajahan.
  • Practical Sessions With Exercises.
  • After Course Support From School of Lifeskills To Clear your Doubts.
  • Over 20 Hours of Unique Content That You Wont Find Anywhere Else.

Live Testimonials From TRANSCENDENCE Graduates

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